Wutai Shan Temple

Wutai Shan Temple is the first of four temples to be built in Peterborough, Ontario. This temple is built to honor the Bodhisattva Wenshu (Manjusri). Of the Four Great Bodhisattvas, Manjusri ranks first due to his infinite wisdom. Thus it is appropriate to construct Wutai Shan Temple prior to the other temples to acknowledge this.

The other three temples will pay homage to the other Four Great Bodhisattvas. There will be a temple for Puxian (Samantabhadra), Guan Yin (Avalokitesvara) and Dizhan (Ksitigarbharaja). The temples will be collectively known as the Four Sacred Mountains of Canada.

The temples will be built according to classical architectural styles and methods used in the Tang Dynasty:
  • The temple will be constructed with wood in a traditional "dougong" style. This involves interlocking wooden brackets. No nails will be used.
  • It will have a gently sloping "eave" roof.
  • Roof tiles will be made of bronze tiles.
  • Most of the wood will be rosewood.
The Tang Dynasty is historically known as the Golden Age of Buddhism. It was during this time period that Buddhist Culture flourished and great Dharma Masters emerged. Unfortunately, there are few remaining structures of the Tang Dynasty in China today. The ones that remain have been deemed cultural heritage sites and are under country protection.

Additional Information on the Temples

Wutai Shan Temple
  • Honouring Wenshu (Manjusri) Bodhisattva, who represents Great Wisdom.
  • 530 Acres of land
  • 771 Ski Hill Road (N.Hwy 7A/R.R.#38), Cavan, County of Peterborough, Ontario.
  • View Pictures: [here] and [here]
Ermei Shan Temple
  • Honouring Puxian (Samantabhadra) Bodhisattva, who represents Great Practice.
  • 150 Acres of land
  • 1547 Ballyduff Rd, Bethany, City of Kawartha Lakes, Ontario.
  • View Pictures: [here]
Putuo Shan Temple
  • Honouring Guan Yin (Avalokitesvara) Bodhisattva, who represents Great Compassion.
  • 250 Acres of land
  • 4 Lifford Rd., Bethany, City of Kawartha Lakes, Ontario.
  • View Pictures: [here]
Jiuhua Shan Temple
  • Honouring Dizang (Ksitigarbharaja) Bodhisattva, who represents Great Resolution.
  • 420 Acres of land
  • 340 Pontypool Rd., Pontypool, City of Kawartha Lakes, Ontario.
  • View Pictures: [here]

Four Great Bodhimandalas at Wutaishan
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